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An Invitation to the Soul Makers Gathering 2014

A wonderful event in September exploring creative unpsychology, ecologies of mind, wild therapy and joyful futures.

THE GATHERING - This soul-makers’ gathering is being held over the weekend of 26th - 28th September 2014 (from 4pm, Friday until 4 pm, Sunday), at the wonderfully quirky Old School Hostel in the village of Trefin, with the breathtaking Pembrokeshire coast path just a couple of hundred yards from the hostel.

You can download a flyer for this event by clicking HERE.

WHAT WE’LL EXPLORE - During the weekend we will explore and develop new integrations of psychology, creativity and therapy for turbulent times. The gathering will be a forum for inquiry and deep conversation to question cultural assumptions about mental health, wellbeing and therapy. It will support you in developing life practices and resources for yourself and others you may live and work with

HOW WE’LL WORK TOGETHER - The course will be led by Steve Thorp - independent therapist, teacher and writer -  together with other practitioners who will facilitate and support sessions during the weekend. The group is being kept small (maximum 30) so that everyone who attends has a chance to make contributions throughout the weekend.


  • As well as the main programme, there will be opportunities to lead a 45-minute fringe session. You may have something to say about unpsychology, ecology, activism, education, mental health or soul- making you’d like to tell people about: a personal story, a project or publication that will contribute to our overall integration. 

WE LIVE IN A TIME when the stories don’t work for us any more. Our psychological stories are part of this crisis. We’ll explore how psychological distress is related as much to social inequality and cultural and ecological disconnection as early childhood development or brain chemistry. We’ll tell some new stories and start to do something about it.

 WHO ARE SOULMAKERS? - A soul-maker can be any of us! Soulmakers will prepare for new realities, tell new stories and ‘re-mind’ our culture. They’ll help craft responses to social, cultural and ecological crisis that are up to the job.They will re-connect what has been scattered through art, activism and inquiry. They’ll help others by offering healing, clarity, courage, leadership, inspiration and counsel.


  • Inquiry sessions: Exploring big questions around social, cultural and ecological contexts of mental illness, wellbeing and therapy.

  • Toolkit sessions: Exploring practical ways of making soul, developing wellbeing and sustaining activism for ourselves and others.

  • Workshop sessions: Learning and sharing frameworks and practice from the integral fields of psychology, ecology, art and science.

BOOKING - There are just 30 places and two ways of booking:

First– come as a residential delegate. Stay in a shared room at the hostel. Includes all sessions and meals from dinner on Friday through to lunch on Sunday. 15-20 residential places available, priced at £200.

Second– come as a day delegate. Stay in a B & B or campsite (or home if you’re local!). Package includes all sessions over the three days, lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday*. Priced at £160.

*Dinner can be added to the non-residential package on Friday evening for an extra £10

To book, go to the 21soul shop or contact Steve to pay by bank transfer (or cheque) and to confirm your place.

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Apparently, people who hate on interracial and same-sex families still exist. When they unleashed their bile on a Honey Maid ad celebrating modern families, the company came up with this enormously heartening response. 

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The Peace That So Lovingly Descends           

"You" have transformed into "my loss."
The nettles in your vanished hair
Restore the absolute truth
Of warring animals without a haven.
I know, I’m as pathetic as a railroad
Without tracks.  In June, I eat
The lonesome berries from the branches.
What can I say, except the forecast
Never changes.  I sleep without you,
And the letters that you sent
Are now faded into failed lessons
Of an animal that’s found a home.  This.

Noelle Kocot

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"The Season’s Upon Us" by Dropkick Murphys

Let’s just say this is more accurate than not.

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Have you met the squawks?

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I know what he means……!

I know what he means……!

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Study for an in-progress diptych. More on this at my instagram

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Thrilled that my e-book, “Back to Life - soul manifestos and pieces of joy was described as “amazing, extraordinary, powerful, necessary & deeply inspiring” by Dave Hicks (whose website is If you would like a FREE copy, go to and click on the peregrine icon! Leave your email and details and you’ll be sent the link to the book!

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Guillaume Apollinaire. Calligrams

Il Pleut, 1918

Reconnais-toi, 1915

Paysage, 1918

Le Cravate, 1918

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